'Australia's Messenger Brings No Empty Words'

The War Illustrated, Volume 4, No. 80, Page 273, March 14, 1941.

My greeting to you comes from the whole of the Australian people of all creeds and political parties. On the issue of this war we are not divided. You and we are of the one blood, and we are not to by put down by ambitious adventurers or predatory rogues. You must never even be tempted to think that your fight is a lonely one. Speaking, I am sure, not only for Australia but for the whole of the British Empire beyond the seas, I say to you: We are in this most holy war with you; everything that we have of man-power or treasure or skill or determination is pledged to work and fight for and with you until victory is attained and a better and juster day dawns for the world in which our children are to live. This is not a mere expression of sentiment. It is supported by every deed of which we are capable.

The total population of Australia is considerably less than the population of London. But the Australian Imperial Force, our expeditionary force, is already an Army Corps of four divisions and corps troops, thousands of the personnel of which have already made their blows, their just blows, heard in Rome, and desire only to deliver them at Berlin itself. I have visited in the Mediterranean ships of the Royal Australian Navy, which from the day war broke out have cooperated with yours in the Seven Seas and have, by their skill and fighting qualities, not subtracted from the glories of the Royal Navy. I have seen Royal Australian Air Force men in Libya clad in strange garments and sometimes “bearded like the pard”, but always attacking, attacking, attacking. Add to these things our munitions effort, which already produces 20 times our volume of production when war began, and you will see that Australia's messenger brings no empty words...

We are not shrinking from the burden either of men or of money. And why should we? As I said recently at home, every bomb that falls on London or Coventry is a bomb dropped upon the security of Australia. We are in this danger together, and by faith and work we shall triumph over it.

From the Australian Premier's broadcast from London. Feb. 23, 1941.