V.C. of a Broken Bridge

2nd. Lieut. R. W. Annand

The War Illustrated, Volume 3, No. 53, Page 250, September 6, 1940.

The Victoria Cross has been awarded to 2nd Lieut. R. W. Annand, Durham Light Infantry, for most conspicuous gallantry on May 13-16, 1940, when the platoon under his command was on the south side of the River Dyle, astride a blown bridge. During the night a strong attack was beaten off, but about 11 a.m. the enemy again launched a violent attack and pushed forward a bridging party into the sunken bottom of the river; 2nd Lieut. Annand attacked this party, but when ammunition ran out he went forward himself over open ground, with total disregard for enemy mortar and machine-gun fire. Reaching the top of the bridge, he drove out the party below, inflicting over 20 casualties with hand grenades. Having been wounded, he rejoined his platoon, had his wound dressed, and then carried on in command. During the evening another attack was launched, and again 2nd Lieut. Annand went forward with hand grenades and inflicted heavy casualties on the enemy. When the order to withdraw was received he withdrew his platoon, but learning on the way back that his batman was wounded and had been left behind, he returned at once to the former position and brought him back in a wheelbarrow before losing consciousness as the result of wounds.

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