A Word in Season

The Poets & The War XXVII

By Lord Dunsany.
The War Illustrated, Volume 2, No. 40, Page 620, June 7, 1940.

Since Angle, Jute and Saxon became one
With Norman, never have we lost a war,
Even though England bears full many a scar
Of old disasters and we oft have known

Defeat, as when there struggled for the throne
The white rose and the red, or an ill star
Shone on King Charles and Cromwell, or afar
Cornwallis and his men were overthrown.

But always, when we came upon defeat,
English with English fought. No foreign power
Has ever yet laid England at its feet.

And those that wait and watch us at this hour,
Like wolves about a camp, do well to wait,
For to fight England is like fighting Fate.

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