Things You May Not Know

The War Illustrated, Volume 2, No. 29, Page 274, March 22, 1940.

"Amps". Auxiliary Military Pioneer Corps; R.E. construction companies attached to the B.E.F. The members are voluntary recruits, many of them over the age of forty. Their work includes road-building, erecting of huts, construction of railway sidings, etc.

Collective Security. Political principle providing that all States, or an overwhelming majority of them, shall mutually guarantee the security of each one of them against war and aggression.

Ensign. The three British ensigns each have the Union Jack in the upper canton next to the staff. The White Ensign may be flown only by vessels of the Royal Navy and (in peacetime) the Royal Yacht Squadron. Vessels are only privileged to fly the Blue Ensign when carrying a certain number of officers and men of the Royal Navy Reserve. The Red Ensign is the national flag of our merchant shipping.

Entente. An understanding between two Governments less formal and strictly defined than an alliance. The term "entente cordiale" denotes specifically the friendly understanding and relations established between England and France in 1904, which culminated in the alliance of 1914.

Fortra Corporation. Organization in U.S.A. which taking advantage of the sympathies of Americans of German birth or descent, collects funds for the purchase of food to be sent to civilians in Germany. Money obtained in the United States is wirelessed to Holland or some other neutral country, where the food is purchased and sent to addresses in Germany.

Isolationism. Political policy of non-interference with European affairs. It originated in U.S.A., but was also apparent in Britain before the outbreak of war.

"Kipper Kites". Nickname given to 'planes of the R.A.F. detailed to keep watch over the British herring fleets, following repeated German attacks on them.

"Six-Glass Man". Term given to a Gestapo agent because he has the right to drink six glasses of beer, paid for by the Secret Police, while spying on his fellow-countrymen. For every denunciation he gets a bonus.