Dempsey's Men Hurl Enemy Back to the Maas

The War Illustrated, Volume 8, No. 194, Page 427, November 24, 1944.

Photo: Dempsey's Men Hurl Enemy Back to the Maas. On a Mopping-up Foray, on Sherman tanks, these smling troops of General Dempsey's British 2nd Army are seen on the thickly-wooded outskirts of Hertogenbosch which had been finally cleared by October 27, 1944. The capture of this keypoint in the Germandefence system in Holland was an essential preliminary to opening-up access to the port of Antwerp (see story in page 441), taken intact by the British on September 4. The whole Allied line thereafter moved to the River Maas, leaving behind only isolated enemy rearguards. Photo, British Official.