Our Colonies in the War: No. 9 - The Bahamas

The War Illustrated, Volume 8, No. 182, Page 41, June 9, 1944.

Consisting of 700 islands, with a total area of 4,375 square miles, the Bahamas have as their capital Nassau, key port on sea routes between Florida, New York, Cuba, Haiti and Jamaica, besides vital inter-island communications. The Bahamas are almost self-supporting and, industrially, the islands are striving to aid the United Nations with the production of a new and superior fibre called sanseveira a project of great value in view of the loss of Manila hemp. Another revolutionary war effort lies in the agreement between Britain and the U.S., instituted in the spring of 1943, by which native labourers of the Bahamas work on Florida bean and sugar plantations. Thousands have been engaged and the results have been invaluable. Facilities for the establishment of naval and air bases in the Bahamas were granted to America by Britain in 1940.

H.R.H. The Duke of Windsor, the Governor, takes the salute at an R.A.F. parade at Nassau. A meeting of the Legislative Council of the Bahamas which, under the Governor, administers the islands.

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