Britain's Colonies in the War: No. 5 - Fiji

The War Illustrated, Volume 7, No. 178, Page 714, April 14, 1944.

Pacific paradise in peacetime, large areas of the Fiji Islands are now training-grounds in tropical warfare for U.S. troops. The map shows Fiji's strategic importance; its productiveness is symbolized in the Colony's arms. Of immense value to the Allies are the 70,000 tons of sugar and 15,000 tons of copra exported annually to U.S.A., Canada and New Zealand. Native soldiers of the Fiji Defence Force are here being inspected. Among islanders decorated is Corporal Druma, Fiji Labour Corps; he won the B.E.M. for bravery. Outrigger canoes keep isolated American units supplied. Islanders give to the Red Cross for which a carnival in Suva, raised 5,000.

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