Striking Page from Story of London's Ordeal

The War Illustrated, Volume 6, No. 144, Page 443, December 26, 1942.

Photo: Striking Page from Story of London's Ordeal. The Night of May 10, 1941 marked the climax of the Luftwaffe's prolonged and savage attack on the metropolis. Front Line, 1940-41, the official story of this grim period of the war (recently issued by H.M. Stationery Office at 2s.), tells of the heroic deeds performed by countless men and women in defence of their city. "May 10 saw nine conflagrations and a further 21 major outbreaks. It was a night that must have graven on many a fire-fighter's heart the words 'no water'", so many were the mains broken by the bombs. This remarkable photo shows a building crashing in Queen Victoria's Street. By permission of the Commissioner of Police, City of London.