The Incomparable Air Photograph of the War!

The War Illustrated, Volume 6, No. 142, Page 368-369, November 27, 1942.

Photo: Lancasters Carrying Destruction to Le Creusot. Lancasters Carrying Destruction to Le Creusot. One Saturday afternoon in October, 94 R.A.F. Lancasters set out to bomb the Schneider armament works at Le Creusot, 170 miles south-east of Paris. In this photograph - one which merits, if ever photograph did, the adjective "unique" - taken from one of the Lancasters engaged, 47 of the raiding force may be counted as they roar over the pleasant little town of Montrichard, on the Cher, a tributary of the Loire, less than thirty minutes' flying time from their target. At 6.9 p.m. they were due over Le Creusot. At 6.9 the first of them arrived, and at intervals of 4 seconds one after another of the giant aircraft went in to bomb. Never in daylight had such a raid been attempted before; rarely has a raid been so successful. In seven minutes one of the world's greatest armament works, one of Hitler's most vital war factories, was a blazing ruin. Only one of the 94 aircraft taking part in the raid failed to return. Photo, British Official: Crown Copyright.