The Secret Weapon

The Poets & The War IX

By "Lucio" (Gordon Phillips)
The War Illustrated, Volume 1, No. 13, Page 416, December 9, 1939.

I have a weapon, he said, that none shall use
As we shall use it, unmoved by mercy or ruth;
Be ours the devices of darkness that blind and bemuse -
Let us make war on Truth.

Mangle their bodies if so it will serve our aim,
March them away to their doom in the various kins,
We shall survive; for our further shelter and shame
Let us mangle their minds.

Let the lie be their master; in action as speech
Let falsehood be now and for ever our weapon of worth;
Let it ring round the world with our shadow and reach
To the ends of the earth.

Let us hector and bully, forswear and denounce and accuse,
Till the hearts of all peoples are sickened and darkened in sooth.
I have a weapon, he said, that non other shall use -
Let us make war on Truth.

- Manchester Guardian

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