Strange Adventure of a Sunderland's Crew

The War Illustrated, Volume 5, No. 122, Page 521, February 28, 1942.

Four miles off the coast of Cyrenaica a Sunderland flying-boat crashed into the sea after an engagement with two Messerschmitts, one of which was shot down. The crew were blown to the shore on a wing torn from the plane and Italian soldiers captured them as they landed. The next morning, after the party had trekked along the coast all night, the leader of the Italians decided to make for Benghazi with his men, and left the British in an Arab village. There they found an Arab guide, who led them towards the British lines. On the way they overtook a dozen of their former captors, who threw away their rifles en joined the party. This strange occurrence was repeated four times in the course of the journey, and by the time the New Zealand Flt.-Lieut. in charge of the wrecked airmen arrived within the British lines he was able to hand over a hundred or more Italian prisoners.