The Gun that Knocks Out the German Tanks

The War Illustrated, Volume 5, No. 120, Page 460, February 10, 1942.

The Royal Regiment of Artillery is equipped with one of the best guns in the world the 25-pounder "gunhow", which combines the functions of a howitzer and a high-velocity field gun. Its pedigree is derived from its predecessors, the 4.5 howitzer and the 18-pounder field gun, which were the standard field pieces to the last World War.

The range of the British 25-pounder is said to be far greater than that of its German equivalent and whereas the latter has a traverse of only 60 degrees, the British gun, by means of the traverse wheel which constitutes its ground platform, can sweep through a complete circle.

It has proved its great value in the Libyan campaign, where again and again it has turned the tide. Used as a high-velocity gun it created havoc among the German tanks, achieving the same results as the Russian anti-tank planes (see page 474). In some cases a single shell passed through two German tanks and even then did further damage beyond. 25-pounder field regiments are now completely mechanized, and as our forces expand and production increases this British "gunhow" is likely to have considerable influence on the course of future campaigns.