The Shroud of Gold

The Poets & The War VII

A New Poem By Humbert Wolfe
The War Illustrated, Volume 1, No. 11, Page 352, November 25, 1939.

All wars are fought in the spirit. Vain the trust
in the mastery of steel. Like him, who makes it,
this is no more than a fiction of the dust,
which blows on the first wind that overtakes it.
The struggle is in the heart, and they who thrust
for truth unmoved when heaven itself forsakes it
see Liberty - the captain of the just- bright in the battle-line before he breaks it.
And terrible death itself is here defeated by strong weapons than its won, whose might
is bounded by the grave's pretension.
They who fall with freedom are not lost nor cheated,
for they become the essence of the light which in a shroud of gold lays death away.

- "The Second Great War." World copyright

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