London Bridge Cannot Fall Down

The Poets & The War XLVII

By Travers George Laskey.
The War Illustrated, Volume 5, No. 103, Page 70, August 22, 1941.

"London Bridge is falling down", we hear the mad Hun cry;
Each city shorn, each village torn, by terror from the sky.
False thought of victory nearly won, and losses they deny,
They have forgotten force can't win unless the spirit die.

For London Town is not a mass of iron, stone and link,
But rather an immortal bridge of what her people think.
With greater span than built by man, with even greater goal,
And ties that stretch from shore to shore for freedom, life and soul.

This London Bridge cannot fall down, or know another reign,
For it is built of Englishmen whose hearts from every chain.

The Times

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