The Ally

The Poets & The War XL

By Lord Dunsany.
The War Illustrated, Volume 3, No. 68, Page 672, December 20, 1940.

I saw a gaunt shape walking in the snow
When winter came. He lifted up his hand
And said in accents of a king's command,
Heil Hitler! Thousands round him bent them low,
And did not rise again. Some uttered slow
The same words, then were silent. Through that land
I Saw him stride, and hist tall figure stand
Gazing upon Berlin spread out below.
Then in the streets the voices died away
That called on Hitler, and deep stillness came,
And in the stillness, like a little flame
A new voice rose and gathered strength to say,
Feeble at first, then fierce and still more wild,
Heil Famine! And the gazing monster smiled.

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