Montgomery to the Germans

The War Illustrated, Volume 9, No. 210, Page 139, July 6, 1945.

As British representative on the Allied Control Commission (Marshal Zhukov representing Russia; Gen. Eisenhower the U.S.; Gen. de Lattre de Tassigny, France) Field-Marshal Sir Bernard Montgomery, C.-in-C. of the British area in Germany, issued on May 30, 1945, the following proclamation to the population.

1.—I Have been appointed by the British government to command and control the area occupied by the British Army. This area will be governed for the present by Military government under my orders.

2.—My immediate objective is to establish a simple and orderly life for the whole community. The first step will be to see that the population has (a) food, (b) housing, (c) freedom from disease. The harvest must be gathered in. The means of transportation must be re-established. The postal services must be restarted. Certain industries must be got going again. All his will mean much hard work for everyone.

3.—Those who have committed war crimes according to international law will be dealt with in proper fashion. The German people will work under my orders to provide the necessities of life for the community, and to restore the economic life of the country.

4.—There are in the British area a very large number of German soldiers, sailors and airmen, and all these are now being assembled in certain localities. The German Wehrmacht, and other armed forces, will be disarmed and disbanded. All German soldiers, sailors and airmen are being sorted out by trades and occupations. In a few days they will start to discharged from the armed forces so that they can get on with the work. The most urgent need is the harvest, therefore workers on land are going first; men of other occupations and trades will be discharged to work as son as it can be arranged.

5.—I will see to it that all German soldiers and civilians are kept informed by radio and newspapers of how the work is going on. The population will be told what to do. I shall expect it to be done willingly and efficiently.