British Valour in the Hell that was Arnhem

The War Illustrated, Volume 8, No. 192, Page 370, October 27, 1944.

Photo: British Valour.Photo: British Valour.Photo: British Valour.Photo: British Valour. In hundreds the parachute troops of the 1st Airborne Army were dropped in landing areas from transport planes (1). Some, hard-pressed in their foxholes at Arnhem, bombarded German positions with three-inch mortars (2). Glider-borne troops of the Border Regiment, in a hastily-dug slit-trench, others lining the hedge beyond the road (3), waited tensely to repel attack by the enemy 100 yards away. Glider Pilot Regiment men searched for snipers in a shell-riddled school (4). Photos, British and U.S. Official.