Two Ships Attack Eleven in Big Sea-Air Battle

The War Illustrated, Volume 7, No. 172, Page 532, January 21, 1944.

Bay of Biscay Battle of Dec. 27 and 28, 1943, resulted in the destruction of a 5,000-ton armed enemy blockade runner (see page 540) and the sinking of three German destroyers; others were damaged. The enemy force consisted of five modern Narvik class destroyers, each mounting five 5.9-in. guns, and six Elbing class destroyers, each mounting four 4.1-in. guns. H.M. cruisers Glasgow and Enterprise opened fire on the enemy ships and a running fight ensued; a number of hits were scored by our cruisers. Halifaxes and a Sunderland of Coastal Command with U.S. Liberators joined the battle, while Beaufighters and Mosquitoes provided air cover for the British cruisers. The blockade runner, making for a French port, was shadowed by the R.A.F. and R.C.A.F. and was sunk by a Liberator.