Has Prinz Eugen Lived to Fight Another Day?

The War Illustrated, Volume 5, No. 130, Page 741, June 12, 1942.

Prinz Eugen, the German light cruiser, would appear, like Hitler, to have the most diabolical luck. After the R.A.F. torpedo and bomb attack on May 17 near Trondheim, she escaped to Kiel, but judging by her reduced speed and the fact that she has gone into dock for repairs, some of our missiles took effect.

Reconnaissance discovered the Nazi cruiser running southwards off Lister, on the south-west coast of Norway, escorted by four destroyers. Beauforts with torpedoes and Hudsons with bombs struck against terrific opposition from enemy fighters and heavy flak. Squadron-Leader Dinsdale went in low, let go his torpedo and saw a column of smoke leap up from the stern of the Nazi cruiser. There was an explosion fifteen seconds later, and a sergeant pilot saw a sheet of flame envelop the ship. The escorting destroyers were raked from stem to stern with cannon and machine-gun fire at the closest possible range. Five Me. 109s were destroyer and a number of others were damaged.